What to bring with you to your supervised visits

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See below list of what you might need during the visits:

  • Food or snacks for your children, consider food allergies of others, no nuts if we are meeting in the play centre.
  • Water or drink for your children
  • Age appropriate games, books, colour in books or toys for your child to play with during the visit. Be prepared that child might want to take it with them to the other parent
  • Spare clothes for your children 

Food seems to be a common contention for parents. For younger children, bringing along a lunch box with fruit or sandwiches and water.

With older children, you may opt for enjoying
a meal together, depending on the time and duration of your visit. You can cook together or go to a cafe.

Respecting the Residential Parent’s rules around foods that are and aren’t allowed will help the child transition without confusing them and will not be seen as you are feeding undesired foods to your child out of spite.

Make sure you know if your child has any food allergies.

🍬We recommend limiting sugary foods like lollies and soft drinks during the visit and opt for fruit and water.

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