• We prepare comprehensive reports for Court proceedings.

  • Reports are compulsory and will be written after each visit, so parents and their legal representatives are aware of what is happening during the visit. 


  • ​Reports we write contain a detailed account of the supervised visitations and interactions between the child/ren and parents, with observations of behaviours, conversations, environment, emotional responses, toys played with etc.


  • You can use our reports as evidence to support your case in court proceedings.

       Our impartial supervisors will:

  • Promote safety and welfare of the child and any vulnerable person during changeovers and contact visits through attentive supervision

  • Facilitate child/parent interaction during visits

Supervised contact centre

  • Terminate the visits if necessary

  • Document each visit by taking factual, observational notes

  • Provide constructive feedback or directions to the relevant person if needed

  • Supervise in the community rather then in inclosed environment of supervised visitation centres or contact centres 


Supervised Contact Centre Sydney
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 Supervised Contact Visits 

+ No Waiting list 

+ We operate 365 days/year 

+ We come to any location in Sydney 



Supervised  Hours

Mon - Fr: 8am - 8pm
Sat - Sun: 9am - 8pm

Public Holidays: 10am - 4pm

(or by agreement)

Office Hours:

Mon - Fr: 9am - 5pm

Sat - Sun: call us and leave a message and we will get back to you to answer your queries or send us a text.



T:  0477 99 3030

Call us for more information0477 99 3030

Report Writing

Supervised Contact Sydney
  • We come to any location in Sydney
  • We provide age appropriate car seats that meet Australian safety standards
  • We can pick up your child from school, home or any other location and take them to supervised visits and back (travel fees apply)
  • **This service is currently suspended until further notice.