Our Services

  • Supervised visits (face-to-face and online)
  • Handover of children (for families who don't need supervised visits)
  • Report writing
  • Court work
  • Transport
  • Solicitor correspondence

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Service we offer to you

Our service offers an opportunity for parents to maintain, re-establish or build the relationship with their children in a safe and supportive environment, while the court matter is being determined.

Children's Supervised Contact Services


Through attentive supervision, we promote the safety and welfare of the children and any vulnerable person during the changeovers and the visits.

We facilitate child and parent positive interaction during visits.

We document each visit by taking factual and observational notes.

We provide constructive feedback and directions to the relevant person if needed.

supervised contact services in sydney


We come to all locations in Sydney.

We provide age appropriate car seats that meet Australian safety standards.

We can pick up your child from school, home or any other location and take them to supervised visits and back for an additional fee.


Report Writing

We prepare comprehensive report for Court proceedings which will be available for the parties and their lawyers.

The reports that we produce contain a detailed account of the supervised visitations and interactions between the child and the parent, including observation of their behaviours, conversations, emotional responses etc.

Residential and concerned parents are encouraged to purchase reports to see what is going on during the supervised visits. If they find something that concerns them, they may bring it to the attention of the supervisor.