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Testimonials from parents who used our services

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"I'm the father of a 4 year-old and a 7 year-old. When I first heard that my ex wanted me to be supervised with our children I was outraged and fearlessly rejected that idea. I had to fight it in court.  We had to wait three months for the court date which meant I would not see my kids for that long unless I agreed to the supervised visits. It was extremely painful and embarrassing that I had to be supervised with my kids to say the least but I could not let this temporary defeat destroy me or the relationship I had with my kids. I made a decision and contacted several supervised contact services. I found Children in FOCUS to be the most friendly, understanding, personal and willing to help. As a bonus, they were the most affordable option.

My experience with Children in FOCUS was very positive from start to finish. The supervisor was very professional, always on time and my children loved her. We had the freedom of going to the zoo, bowling, library, and the park. A detailed report was prepared about the interactions I had with my children which I used in court to prove a great bond that the children and I share and that they were not scared of me. My advice is to do it for your children, keep that relationship going and remember that supervised access is only a temporary thing."

     (S.P. Supervised father of 4 and 7 year old children, June 2017)


"We have been very happy with the service Children in Focus provided. The supervisors were always there on time, and the communication with them was seamless. Giving our baby to strangers was not easy but they provided to us an easy transition after warm up interaction with our baby. Their reports were also very professional and noted down every single detail that we cared about regarding our baby. They always tried to accommodate our needs when we needed changes to our timetable. We have now been transitioned from supervised visitation to unsupervised visitation. They were very supportive along the way. I highly recommend Children in Focus to parents who are in a difficult situation like we had."

(M.D. Mother of 13 month old baby and ex wife of a supervised father, August 2017)


"I used the services of Children In Focus for four months to maintain contact with my children while going through court proceedings.The service was always impartial and professional and they did what was necessary to facilitate events under difficult circumstances.  The supervisors were always a delight and were great with my kids and Ialike. My advice to fathers in a similar situation is to accept the group as doing a job which is positive for you and your children, and also to make the most of the time they are facilitating. It is not a 'normal' situation nor is it natural but it is possible to have a positive outcome."

(P.M. Supervised Father of 8 and 6 year old children, October 2017)


1. Why did you have to use supervised contact service?

"I originally chose to use a supervised service as my ex-wife was insisting on supervised contact between myself and my children. The feedback/reporting being provided by my ex-wife’s family was not in line with what I was experiencing during my time with the children. Children in FOCUS provided independent qualified supervision and reporting that was accurate as to what I was experiencing during my interaction with the children."

2. Why did you choose to use Children in FOCUS?

"Children in FOCUS was one option that was put forward by the family law courts when I requested independently supervised visitations. After speaking with all of the parties forwarded by the family law courts. It was clear that Children in FOCUS was the best fit for my situation."

3. What did you like about our service?

"Children in FOCUS provided a service where an independent supervisor could spend the day with myself and the children doing “normal” things in a relaxed environment in which both myself and the children could feel comfortable."

4. Would you recommend it to others?

"I have already recommended Children in FOCUS to 2 people that I know who have/are facing a similar situation to myself. I will continue to recommend Children in FOCUS in the future."

5. Any tips for fathers/mothers in a similar situation?

"For me the initial stigma attached to having an independent supervised service was an issues for me with thoughts of “I shouldn’t have to do this just to see my kids” etc.

However, with the issues I was experiencing with the reporting of my time with the kids from my ex-wife’s family I quickly came to recognise the benefit of accurate independent reporting regarding my time with the kids and the unobtrusive manner in which the Children in FOCUS team operated."

6. Can we improve on anything?

"Just keep doing what you are doing – I have very much appreciated Children in FOCUS’s involvement in helping me through what was a very stressful part of my life."

(M.A. Supervised Father of 5 and 7 year old children,  January 2018)


"Dear Olia, Please let me explain and give our deep application and thankful regards to you and your Team  (Joanne) for the great service and professional care you have given during the last 4 months. We have reached agreement at the court today that supervision is not further required. As much as we are happy for that outcome for further engagement with the kids and more time to be spent in different activities. As much we appreciate your guides and care during the time of supervised visit. I personally find your service is way ( beyond ) the standard and your team is emotionally available for both parents and kids during a time which as we all know is difficult.."

(S.S Supervised Father of 7 and 10 year old children, 11 July 2018)

"Olia / Joanne Good afternoon. I just want to say thank you for your caring and understanding nature during the last couple of months. Court has advised this Sunday and going forward supervised visits have been removed. Once again thank you kindly. Regards, C.S "

(Supervised Father of 7 year old daughter, 11 July 2018)

"Children in focus provide a fantastic service for those that require it in a delicate time of their lives. Working with them is easy and I would highly recommend them!"

(Justice Family Lawyers)

“After two month of supervised visits with my 5 year old daughter in the supervised contact centre, nor I, nor my daughter could handle that sterile environment any longer. My daughter was getting restless in the four-wall setting and it was hard to keep her entertained and to be in the same room with four other families.  My ex and I agreed to move to Children in FOCUS which supervises in the community and they came to us, so we didn’t have to travel.

Olia was fast and efficient in responding to my questions. She arranged the visit within one week of me contacting Children in FOCUS and it was in the local park. We had a backup venue at Monkey Mania for rainy or cold weather. My daughter and I could not be happier.

We had an excellent supervisor for seven months. She was knowldgeableabout kids things and friendly with my daughter. The service overall is very good, they were professional, supportive and non-biased. Reports were detailed and accurate. Prices were very reasonable for the amount of flexibility we got. I would recommend supervised visits with Children in FOCUS to all the parents going through messy divorce or crazy allegations from your ex over the contact centre. While courts established the truth in my case I was able to continue building a relationship with my little princess in the normal environment, thanks to the Children in FOCUS team.”

(Supervised father of five year old daughter, 13 February 2019)

“The availability and service has been excellent.  It is always a difficult time when accessing such services but Olia and Karen were great.  They really keep the focus on the child and try and make sure that the time spent together is enjoyable. Thanks again.”

(Supervised Father of 2.5 year old son)