What locations can the supervised visit take place?

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Supervised visits are not the most natural thing you will do with your child, however, our friendly staff at Children in FOCUS are passionate about facilitating an enjoyable experience for everyone during these difficult times.

We suggest parents to agree on several approved venues via their lawyers in advance to avoid disappointment and back and forth each time the weather changes or children get bored in one location.

All-Weather Venues

Parks with a shelter and toilets are a great all-year-round visit location.

Some shopping centres are a good option as they have play areas, arcade games areas, plenty of food options and some entertainment.

Parent’s home, where children can play, relax and maybe cook something together.

Kids venues like Chipmunks, Lolly Pops, Flip Out, Bowling and McDonald’s are also good all-weather locations.

If you do desire to take your child somewhere special like Luna Park, Aquarium, Muzeum, Zoo or a swimming pool, make sure you plan a week ahead and give us and the other parent a courtesy notice in writing as we and the other parent need to approve new locations. Check the weather and plan accordingly.

When choosing a venue, consider the age of your child and their interest. Ensure the venue is age-appropriate and your child will be comfortable there. Early teens may not like sitting at McDonald’s for two hours and toddlers can get overwhelmed at a busy shopping centre. Know your child’s likes and dislikes, ask them what they would like to do and be prepared to make some suggestions along the way.

We will supervise at child-appropriate, safe venues, where a supervisor can easily see, hear and be close to the supervised parent. As long as both parents agree on the supervised visit locations we will also consider it and most likely agree to facilitate the visit there.

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