​​​​Useful tips for parents

          Bring with you to the visits:

  • Food or snacks for your child/ren, consider food allergies of others, no nuts if we are meeting in the play centre.

  • Water or drink for your child/ren

  • Age appropriate games, books, colour in books or toys for your child to play with during the visit. Be prepared that child might want to take it with them to the other parent

  • Bring spare clothe for your child/ren 


  • We strongly encourage you to have your mobile phone turned off during the contact visit so you can fully enjoy each others company

  • Control your emotions during the visit 


  • Do not discuss your legal issues with the child or supervisor

  • ​Be yourself, relaxed and have fun with you kids

Supervised Visitation
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Application Form for supervised visit

Video tips for parents 

Supervised Contact Sydney
  • Why do I need to use Supervised Services?
Supervised Contact Centre Sydney
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