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At Children in FOCUS - we aim to provide safety, opportunity & hope. We focus on delivering reliable, impartial and safe supervised visits between children and their loved ones. We strive for the stress-free contact visits and changeovers. Our focus is on children’s needs and safety. We believe that each child deserves a meaningful, loving and positive relationship with each parent and significant others and we are here to make it happen in a safe and supportive way.

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Supervised Contact Sydney
Supervised Contact Centre Sydney

Our Mission 



  • ARRIVE ON TIME to collect children when taking them to the visit and delivering to the venues on time to meet with the other parent/family member.

  • ENSURE SAFETY of the child/ren at all times. The safety and wellbeing of the children are our paramount goals.

  • CONSTANTLY MONITOR conversations and observe all interactions between the children, parents and others by always being in the close proximity to the child and parent and making comprehensive notes.

  • ACCOMPANY parents and children everywhere, including to bathrooms and change rooms. We will intervene immediately in the event of inappropriate/unsafe conduct and terminate the contact visit and returning the children to their carer/parent if necessary.

  • PROVIDE FEEDBACK to the primary carer that is appropriate and relevant to the child’s care and keep confidentiality of the other parent.

  • GUIDE & ASSIST  parents with the care of children when they are failing to respond to the child/ren’s needs and safety. 

  • SUPPORT parents and children to facilitate a positive and safe interaction.

  • PREPARE COMPREHENSIVE REPORT about the supervised visit including time, date, who attended, what activities took place, conversations, interactions, behaviour displayed by children and discipline techniques implemented. Such reports can be used in Court.

  • SUPERVISED CONTACT unlike supervised visitation centres or contact centres we supervise in the community.  We believe it is a more natural environment for the children. This is also a good way to test the supervised parent parenting skills, abilities to set boundaries and deal with arising issues in the community.