You can book our services for a minimum of 2 hours or the entire day!

*Prices do not include GST



Contact Supervision 

  • Monday - Friday       $69 per hour
  • Saturday                   $89 per hour
  • Sunday                     $99 per hour
  • Public Holidays         $150 per hour
  • Intake                        $99 one-off fee per parent
  • Meet & Greet            $99 (max 1 hour) recommended for the child/ren to meet the supervisor, so they feel comfortable during the visits

Please Direct Deposit to our bank account, put your invoice number or your Surname and date of the visit you are paying for in the description field: (#2055 Smith or Smith 8 March)

Children in Focus
BSB: 302 184  Acc:  0123 351



  • Weekday/Weekend $60 one way
  • Public Holiday $120 one way
  • All changeovers take place at Meadowbank. Please contact us for fees at your preferred location

Report Writing

Report fee                       $39 (1-3hours visit)

$69 (4+ hours visit)

Changeover Report
      $25 (at Meadowbank)


Court Work


$150 to swear an affidavit prepared by you/your lawyer
$300 we prepare and swear an affidavit for you

Court Attendance (min 2 hours)       $150 per hour (min 2 hours) includes waiting time

*** If you want to subpoena one of our staff to give evidence in court, a non-refundable fee of $1,000 is payable by the party instigating the subpoena plus conduct costs of $150 per hour. The fee is charged due to the inconvenience and loss caused to us to re-arrange and find another staff member to cover the shifts. We might not even find the staff if short notice is given to us and all the appointments for other families will have to be canceled.

Subpoena to produce documents                 $300 fixed fee conduct money;

The subpoena needs to be addressed to:
The Proper Officer for Children in FOCUS

PO Box 1166

Meadowbank NSW 2114

or via email:

Children in Focus
BSB: 302 184 
Acc:  0123 351

Travel and Transportation

  • For all travel to the location of the visits and back located more than 10km from Meadowbank Station fee of $1.2/km + tolls will be charged.
  • If the supervisor is required to transport the child to and from the supervised location, the traveling fee will be charged at $1.2/km + tolls + time on the road at the rate of the day the visit is held; the starting point is Meadowbank Station (our office).

Client or Client's Solicitor correspondence with us

  • Including phone calls and emails charged at $69 per hour to the party initiating the correspondence payable prior to Children in FOCUS responding.

Please complete our Application Form


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Supervised Contact Application Form


​PDF form can be printed, filled out and emialed back to us

Application Form for Supervised Visit

*If some of the services are not priced in here or in our Fee Schedule we will quote it over the phone when the need arises for such services. GST is paid on top of the fees quoted

**We reserve the right to change fees at any time without notice #supervisedcontactservicesydney #sydneychildrensupervision​​​